Replacement Philips Mp20 Monitor Battery 10.8V 7800mAh Li Ion MP30 MP40 MP50 MP60 M4605A

10.8V 7800mAh Li-ion Monitor Battery For Philips MP20 MP30 MP40 MP50 MP60 MP70 MP80 MP90 M8001A M8002A M8100​ M4605A


Product Information


Brand Lee&J. Power
Reference LH-PHM300MD


Type Li-ion
Capacity 7800mAh
Voltage 10.8V
Weight 476g
Size 149 x 89 x19.7 mm
Warranty 12 months
Replace Code M4605A, 989803135861
Suitable For

Philips MP20 MP30 MP40 MP50 MP60 MP70 MP80 MP90 M8001A M8002A M8100


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Replacement Philips Mp20 Monitor Battery 10.8V 7800mAh Li Ion MP30 MP40 MP50 MP60 M4605A

About the Battery

The rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries used in the monitor are regarded as Smart batteries because they have built-in circuitry. (This circuitry communicates battery-status information to the Monitor.)
To get the most out of the batteries, observe the following guidelines:
- Condition the batteries only upon maintenance request prompt on display.
- If a battery shows damage or signs of leakage, replace it immediately. Do not use a faulty battery in the Monitor.
- Capabilities of integrated battery charger: 12.6V, 5 Amps mx.
Actual current / voltage: depends on smart battery request and monitor configuration
The approximate charging time is 4 hours with the monitor switched off and up to 12 hours during monitor operation, depending on the monitor configuration.
- Battery Disposal—Batteries should be disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner. Consult the hospital administrator for local arrangements.
Do not dispose of the battery in normal waste containers.
- Battery Storage — Batteries should not remain inside the monitor if they are not used for a longer period of time. Batteries should be max. 50% charged for storage.

Batteries will discharge within about 20 days if they are stored inside the monitor without AC power connection.


Checking the Battery Status

When the Monitor is connected to the AC power supply, the battery charges automatically. The battery can be charged remotely from the Monitor by using the battery charger. 
Battery status (level of charge) is indicated several ways:
- LED on the front panel of the Monitor.
- Battery gauge.
- Display of battery time below gauge.
- Battery status window.
- INOP messages.
The AC Power LED is only on when the power cord is connected and AC power is available to the Monitor. In this case, the battery can be either charging or fully charged.
The battery LED can be green, yellow, or red depending on the following conditions:

Battery LED Colors If the monitor is connected
to AC power, this means
If the monitor is running on
battery power, this means
Green batteries full (>90%)  

batteries charging
(battery power < 90%)

battery down2

Red, flashing   less than 10 minutes power
Red, flashes
battery malfunction1 battery malfunction1
Red, flashes once when
on/standby switch is
  not enough battery power left
to power monitor

1 indicated by malfunction symbol and INOP
2 indicated by “battery has no power left” symbol
If the batteries were charged to 100%, they will not charge again until the charging status goes below 90%.
If the remaining battery-operating time is less than 10 minutes, the LED flashes red at a repetition rate of approximately 1.5 flashes per second.

When the batteries are empty, the Monitor switches off automatically (including the green On-Off/Standby LED on the front panel). Attempts to restart the Monitor (by pressing the On-Off/Standby) causes the red LED to emit a single flash. (The flash may have a delay of up to 2.5 sec after pressing the On-Off/Standby key). In this case either recharge the batteries (externally or internally) or exchange the batteries.
If the batteries become too warm or too cold, they will not begin the recharging cycle until the battery temperature is within range.


Product Description


This battery has been manufactured with high-quality components. It complies with every particular of the orginal manufacturer's regulations and is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.

A margin of 0.1V difference in the voltage is negligible in batteries. Therefore, such a battery would still be perfectly compatible. If the capacity (mAh) of the replacement battery is higher than that of the original battery, this will allow for a longer usage time.


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